Thousands demonstrate in Jordan against Israel’s ground operations

Thousands demonstrate in Jordan against Israel's ground operations

Thousands of people gathered this Friday night in front of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan to protest against the announcement of the expansion of Israel’s ground operations.

The crowd has marched through the streets of the center of Amman, after Friday prayers, as reported by the Al Ghad newspaper, prompting the intervention of the Police, who have used tear gas to disperse the protesters, as shown in videos and images spread on social networks.

A spokesman for the Jordanian Public Security Agency explained that the “rioters” have caused fires in the vicinity of the Israeli Embassy in the country and has assured that, although the Jordanian authorities allow freedom of opinion, they will not tolerate violations. legal.

This same Friday, thousands of Palestinians have intensified their protests in the main cities of the West Bank, such as Ramallah, Hebron, Jenin and Nablus, to denounce the intense bombings carried out by Israel on the Gaza Strip and the “international silence” regard.

This Friday, Israel began a series of intense bombings on the north of the Palestinian enclave after announcing that it would extend its ground operations over the Strip, although everything indicates that these would again be selective incursions.


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