Canada bans the use of the WeChat and Kaspersky on official devices


The Canadian authorities announced this Monday the ban on the use of the Chinese messaging application WeChat and the Russian computer security application Kaspersky on all official mobile devices supplied by the Government, and has ordered the removal of such applications.

As detailed by the Treasury Board of Canada, this decision has the objective of “keeping government information and networks secure.” “We periodically monitor potential threats and take immediate action to address risks,” it said in a statement.

“The Chief Information Officer of Canada determined that the suite of WeChat and Kaspersky applications present an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security,” reads the letter, which emphasizes that these two applications combined represent “considerable access to the content of the device”.

Thus, the Canadian authorities have stressed that the decision to ban the use of these two applications has been taken “to ensure that the Government of Canada’s networks and data remain safe and secure and are in line with the approach of our partners.” international”.

Despite everything, and assuming that the risks of using these applications “are clear”, the Canadian Executive does not currently have any evidence that any type of government or confidential information has been compromised or is in the hands of the respective companies. Chinese and Russian.

Likewise, the Canadian authorities have left the decision to use these applications in the hands of each citizen. “It’s a personal choice,” they said.


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